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Consignment storage and warehouse services

To manage one’s own warehouse is not only a quite an expensive but also a time consuming task for a company of any level. It’s much easier and more profitable to entrust  to experts.

Transport and warehouse logistics

We are always ready to provide our customers with the following services: - choice of warehouses of a necessary level, price and a related - special conditions warehousing; - long-term and short-term lease of warerooms; - timely and proper confirming paperwork; - cargo handling. Besides, due to the use of modern technologies, expert logistics and own vehicles, we can offer you an additional complex of services: - marking, packaging and segregating of cargo; - delivering cargo to the client; - cross docking, in other words, reloading of goods from one transport facility to another including the confirming of all paperwork and control piece count. When you choose  what  is better  for you: to  have your own warehouse or place goods at the existing warehouses with the care of specialists, you should bear in mind that such experience as cargo storing is probably new for you. But it’s a daily work for the professionals that they have already mastered and, consequently, who can handle any irregular situation. Consignment storage service is in high demand all over the world. At the conclusion of the consignment storage contract it is signed by the two parties: the Bailor and the Keeper. The Bailor gives the Keeper the cargo to be kept in the agreed volume and during the agreed term. This logistics service is in demand in all spheres of economy. Our company can easily  provide you with the warehouse storage of any type of goods. If you order consignment storage service from our company, you will not have to worry about how to provide proper warehouse storage of goods and where to find qualified personnel. You will not have to purchase expensive storage equipment as hydraulic rolls, trolleys and lift trucks. You won’t  need  complicatedspecialized programs of  storage services. By concluding, consignment storage agreement with our company you will be able to: - choose storage space; - minimize operating expenses that is especially important for those whose business depends on a seasonal pattern, when a selling season changes into a slack one - be independent from volumes of delivery; - use the “addressed storage of cargo” service that will significantly speed up the process of goods dispatch and search. Consignment storage service is as attractive to individuals as to companies. If you need to store your stuff somewhere when you are leasing your house – we provide such services and our prices are low. You can put your belongings in consignment storage and be sure that our warehouse services  will ensure their full safety. Besides, you will be pleasantly surprised by the affordable prices of the service for individuals in our company. Our company is distinguished by quality of service and affordability. Whether you lease the warehouse services for a long or a short term, you are sure to take a favourable view of cooperation with our company and our flexible price policy. Due to the fact that our company owns storage warerooms, you won’t have to overpay agents . Our logistics service will not only save you money but will also save your time. Logistics is a key to success of every business. It’s a science the importance of which can’t be overestimated. Providing you with the consignment storage warehouse we are ready to render you the full range of additional services, such as batching and building of reliable chains of goods flow. Each of our consignment storage warehouses is located near major roads and railway junctions that in itself can guarantee a quick delivery of goods to every point. Due to our own delivery trucks - you) expenditures will also be reduced. The warehouse logistics of our company aims to maximize our clients’s satisfaction by meeting all their demands. To lease a warehouse today means to bear large expenses. Warehouse storage in well-equipped premises not far from the center of the capital costs a fortune alone. At the first sight it may seem that a convenient location shall make up for the high price. Nevertheless, as practice shows, it is more convenient to lease a warehouse in Moscow region than in Moscow. Moscow is famous for its heavy traffic and jams that cause people to spend additional time to deliver goods to, as it seems, small distances. So it turns out to be quicker and more convenient to deliver goods from Moscow region rather than from the city itself. Don't hesitate to call us so our experts could provide you with detailed answers to any question you might have and help you choose a program of warehouse storage tailored to your needs. Our company can provide you with: - various conveniently located storage warerooms with the carriageable entry point). All our warerooms are equipped with modern warehouse machinery and safely protected/ - elaborate system of inventory accounting; - complex logistics services, 3pl operator, cross-docking; - storage of goods at specially designated locations (addressed storage of goods) and consignment storage warehouse; - consignment storage with full financial liability for the proper condition of client’s property; - highly experienced staff ready for any situation; - transportation of goods by our own vehicles; - individual approach to client’s demands. Road haulage across Russia Geography: Moscow, Moscow region, Russia Rolling stock: from Porter to DAF Carrying capacity, ton-force: from 0,6 to 20 t Insurance of goods: as agreed with the customer So, you will be provided a full range of services for reasonable price. (not a proper place). Put it somewhere in the middle. Or remove it at all. You mentioned low prices 3 times already. One time is enough.

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